Tuesday, April 6, 2010

BB&B Update

Hello, I've been nose deep in books looking for more information on the military history around here
(And by books, Of course I mean the internet!) and I hit the literary jackpot! I found an entire book on the second world war in Prince Rupert, Including period photos and maps.

I've tracked down the book online for 25 dollars, and will no doubt pick it up when funds come, but for now I'll do with the preview the book has online, which is gold for me, I can hardly wait to see what else the book has to offer! but the preview it has online is the entire chapter on defense and the fortifications which is EXACTLY what I want most from the book A good 40 or so pages laced with images and lots of interesting facts


Until next time, Have a good life and don't go getting killed


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Three new additions to my collection!

While I'm on my vacation, i picked up these three pieces, One is a ww2 wool blanket, the other is a ww2 british mess tin, but it is the exact same as the canadian ones, and the same as the pattern 51 ones so it will be a good placeholder, got these both at an antique shop (Heirlooms Antiques, Vernon BC, still one of my favorite shops) and the other item is a pair of Pattern 51 basic pouches got these at a surplus store.

BB&B issue three

actually visited this location a few days after my last BB&B post, but did not get a chance to upload it.

It's at the seaplane base, and I've been told that they are second world war buildings (And they look like it) and also on the shitipeida article on the coastal defense around Rupert it lists one at the seaplane base, but other than that, I have no idea what this was used for. Sorry about the mess with the pictures, it uploaded them the red brick ones were probably for storage and as for the concrete structure, I really am not sure what to say about it, I mean it has no entrances that I can see, so it beats me as to what it was for


Sorry for the hiatus, wen't on a vacation!

Hey guys, sorry for the stop in posts, but I have several things to post in the next few days so you guys will defiantly not be bored!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

BB&B Post number 2

Hello, Returned to one of the ww2 buildings and took some photographs, and went into a lower floor of the building where I hadn't been before, very awesome, but I'll cut to the chase and get to the mass of pictures As usual, click the images for
higher res pictures

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

luftstreitkrafte (East German Airforce) Cap

Hello, As you might know from previous entries, I purchased a DDR (East German) Officer's cap, And it finally arrived today! and I really like it It's a great addition to my small collection.

It's not some relic worth thousands of dollars, or an antique from the turn of the centuries by any means (It's only 22 years old, 1988 dated) but in time it will become older and more people will be getting into cold war militaria as the years pass.

Enough of my ramblings though, Here it is

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Two diffrent DDR (East German) Wedge caps

Now I bought these two hats on a whim and Don't really know too much about them at all really, But they are both from the Deutsche Demokratische Republik, I plan to update when I find out more about them