Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wants, Wins and Washouts 2

Hello, Another month, another round of ebay!

First for my wants I'm hoping to win one of these, if not both
East German Bayonet/Wirecutters
I want these because I have branched off my collection into east german and soviet items at the moment, and they are my current focus until I can let the market replenish for pattern 51 items.

5 East German and Soviet Pins
I want these items because, well they're just fucking sexy to be honest, Especially the two red ones and the top left corner

I currently have three items coming to me this month, All three east german.

The first, is a east german airforce visor hats, one of the ones from last months WW&W
I just find this hat very sexy, period.

And the next two are two different overseas hats

The first is a police issue

The second, is a NVA (no, not the north Vietnamese) issue

Next for the washouts!

The glengarry hat from ww1 that I discussed last time is my only washout, I didn't bother bidding because it skyrocketed in price, sold just shy of a C-Note

Until next time, Adios

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