Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bunkers, Buildings and Bombshelters

Hello, This will be another segment on my blog documenting the different military installments around my town (Prince Rupert), According to Wikipedia, there is atleast 9 different ones in my town, and I've only found three of them so far, and only partially explored them. So let's get on to the history side of things, After the strike on pearl harbor (ironically, there's a pearl harbor near me, but not the same one) we began to fear for our western shores (US and CANADA) and defense posts and what not sprung up in strategic points, and I live in one of the major northern ones.
WIKI page for those who want some actual history with more substance than my very brief explanation

Barret Point:

This appears to be the main installment, and it is quite impressive if I do say so myself, According to wiki, there are several gun batteries (One of them can be seen to the right) where large anti aircraft and other large guns would be positioned.
In Barret point I've also found several entrances to underground bunkers (which I have yet to explore, hopefully I will have a report from them in the near future) A machine gun nest, and several other buildings

Some pictures taken on my first visit to the point

Entrance to the machine gun nest

Staircase leading underground (I really can't tell which is the top and which is the bottom, sorry for the shitty picture)
Me sitting in the opening on the gun nest
Another shot of the nest's opening, there were actually two openings like this, one on top of this one.
Inside of the nest, sadly water and garbage filled at this point.
View from the top level, where there was no water and one can actually stand
Another entrance into the underworld
Not too sure what this building would have been used for, it was a rather huge building, couldn't see much in it because it was really dark in it and I had no decent flashlight with me at the time
Just to show you how thick the walls are in this thing.

My next building I found, I don't know much about this one at all, and I'm not even sure what it was used for, but I've been told it's one of the military fortifications, and it looks like it.

When you first enter, you see this, and can see a second floor beneath the main one
A shot I took of the second floor
The main floor, and just how big it is

And one last one I've visited, but need much more pictures
This appears to be the only picture I have, and thankfully, because when I took a drive by, it looked as if something backed into this building and it is badly damaged, the entire front is broken off and pushed in

This would be 'seal cove/Seaplane base' on that wikipedia list I believe because, well that's where it is located, there is several other bunkers and buildings there as well, but this is the only image I currently have, Like I said.

I'll post more installments of BB&B when I get more information or go bunker diving again.


  1. Awesome, really cool shots here D:

  2. The amount of graffiti is unfortunate.

  3. Unfortunate as it may be, it is on 90% of abandonded bunkers in the world, but when I go down underground into the sub terranian bunkers next week when I plan to go hopefully there will be less because they are not as accessable.

    I only need one or two items for my kit until I'm ready to go down