Thursday, January 14, 2010

Package recieved!

Hey guys, got a package today containing my p51 gear, sadly, he forgot to put the compass pouch in, but he mailed it today so it's all good

First item I got is the mess tin carrier, it is issued and a bit dirty, but it's in good condition if it were to be cleaned, What I don't plan on doing though.

The second item was a pattern 51 gas mask bag, it has 2 attachment spots missing off, but it's just fine other than that, smells old, but doesn't everything that's over 50 years old? Now I know that the pistol belt isn't the correct one, but it's just for display , and I currently don't have a 51 belt

Now for the part you want, the pictures!


  1. Sweet, what are the stamps on the thing?

  2. I assume you mean on the mess tin carrier, the stamps are very faint, but from what I can see, there's a large number 4, the date (1953) and a circle with a broad arrow in it, and there's one more I can't make out, I'll get back to you if I find anything else, I can not make out any of the markings on the grenade carrier that I have seen, And the canteen is also dated 1953, as most of the pattern 51 gear I've found is.

  3. Also, if you click the images you get mondo versions of them so you can take a better look at them yourself