Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ebay Wants, Wins & Total Washouts 1st edition

Hello, Me again (Well, who the fuck did you think it was going to be) with a new segment I will try to carry on from time to time talking about items I`ve won, lost, and items I`m wanting or planning to buy on the bay of E.

my first item I will try to win I spotted earlier this week, it is a ww1 issue Glengerry hat

Now even more exiting to me is an item I recently spied today, I will probably bid on it if the seller sends me some more pictures of the hat so I can get a better look at it, it is a DDR (Deutsche Demokratische Republik [East germany]) Peaked cap w/hat badge
also noticed he has a few other DDR peaked caps so I can pick and choose and make up my mind over the next few daysItalic
Really hoping I win one of these items if not both.

Now on to some of my recent purchases, these are for my 1951 pattern web gear

Mess tin carrier, nothing too exiting but needed none the less
Gas mask carrier

Excited to get this one as I have not seen one before

Missed the bidding for this item by a few minutes, but since I purchased two other items from the seller at the same time, I explained my situation and he offered to throw it in for just another 10 dollars, so I said sure and I technically lost it, but I still get it

Pattern 51 compass pouch

Will have another edition of WW&W next week hopefully and will review the items for you when I receive them, until next time, Lee

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  1. A friend of mine used to have one of those DDR hats, they're quite nice, some arseholes set it on fire at a party, shame.