Saturday, January 9, 2010

My current collection

Hello readers, I figured since this is my first post, I'd post an image gallery of my current militaria (War Memorabilia) collection, I have pieces from many different eras and many different wars, I'm currently trying to complete a set of web gear (various Pouches, Belt/suspender systems, and tools) that will match my canteen set I acquired a few years ago, It's Canadian 1951 pattern for those of you who give a rats ass, and it's a bit hard to find I've found. I have three items coming in from ebay for my set, so I'll post when those are in! Now I'm no expert on my items by a long shot, so feel free to contact me with such things as "Hey you douche, that's from ww1 not ww2" and "LOL THATS FAKE YOU GOT OWNED" and heck, even something useful like telling me more about the item, or just plain commenting on it

Now, Let's get this show on the road

This is a USMC (United States Marine Corps), Vietnam issue three cell grenade carrier, It's worn on the pistol belt and has straps so it can be secured around your leg, I've also seen them worn on backpacks in images too. Exact date unknown

Ah, this is one of my favorite items, this is a WWII Canadian gas mask, Dated 1942, This particular mask was used for training, and not an issued one, you can tell by a bar on the canister, but it is exactly like the ones issued as far as I know, Bar the bar (Excuse that pun)

Oh yes, another one of my favorites, my friend brought me this back from a trip he took to Russia last year, it's dated 1988, and has some more writing on it, too bad I can't read russian, if you can, feel free to ask for a picture of the stamp.

Now I like these because I'm Scottish Canadian, these are WWII Era (I believe) Shoulder flashes for the Scottish Canadian regiment (The Princess Mary's)

This is a WWI General's cap badge, nothing really more to say about this one

This is a pistol belt, it came attached to the canteen set I bought (the pattern 51 one) but it's not pattern 51 and I really have no clue when or what country it's from to be perfectly honest, I asked on one forum but was met with hostility because I did not use my real name as my username and apparently that was one of the forum rules =/

My Pattern 51 canteen carrier, Not sure if the canteen or cup were issued with it because the canteen is plastic, and plastic canteens were issued after 1962, and this is dated 1953 so the canteen wasn't, I'm in the process of tracking down the proper aluminum one, As for the canteen cup, it is canadian stamped, so I assume it's for the canteen kit

US Vietnam Issue dufflebag, this thing is fucking huge. Not sure on exact date

This is one of my
vietnam issue fatigue shirts, this one I bought because I wanted one that would fit me, but the first one I bought was too small

A shot of both fatigue shirts, they're two different patterns as well, I'm not too sure which though, both 'Nam issue, although the larger one is clearly unissued.

And these are just some 50cal ammo boxes, Not too sure on the date or even the era so once again, feel free to inform me.

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